Thursday, April 28, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!!???" - Garage Doors

As I have been searching for a new house I keep noticing all these ugly garage doors. I have always said that I want a rear entry, attached garage, but with the Dallas area being so compact, most of the houses have them in the front or detached in the back. I have carried enough loads of groceries in the rain to realize how much I really want an attached garage. But am I willing to trade off with a front entry?

Well maybe if the garage doors looked like this:

The garage door seems to be over-looked all too often and builders just throw whatever is the least expensive on there. And then what happens? People try to improve the look of their garage doors on their own and you end up with these tacky doors:

Never ever paint murals on your garage doors!!!

These people should get paid for advertising

No matter how well the mural is done, it does NOT belong on your garage door!


Nice try, but no, that doesn't look good.

What were they thinking!!!??

Garage doors are not for leaving messages, no matter how funny they might be.

So, here are some examples of ugly garage doors, not tacky, just ugly. If your garage door is in the front like these, you should save your money and buy some new ones that will increase your curb appeal.

I love the shingles, stone and wood trim but why did they put that ugly garage door in there! Would have looked a lot better with some carriage garage doors or wood ones.

Not terrible, but again it would look better with some doors with more character like the rest of the house.

This is what I see a ton of! Why not jazz up your curb appeal with a nicer garage door?

Ok, let's take a look at some before and afters so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. These houses don't look horrible before but just look at how much a new garage door makes a difference!

Ok, so maybe they got a little more than a garage door!

Wow! What a transformation! I love how the garage doors tie in with the front door.

There are all kinds of awesome garage doors out there, from modern to cottage. Here are some examples of all the different doors that are out there:

Garage doors are usually made from steel, vinyl, wood composite or wood. Prices vary based on size, material and design and can range anywhere from $600-$7,000. Obviously, the wood doors are the most expensive followed by the wood composite and then vinyl with steel being the least expensive.

If you are thinking about changing out your garage doors I would recommend taking a picture of your house and then cutting out different garage doors and placing them over existing so you can see what they would look like. Or, if you have photoshop do some experimenting!