Thursday, May 20, 2010

What were they thinking? Animal Print Overload

There are some people out there who have a true obsession with animal print. It's everywhere, pillows, wallcovering, drapes, upholstery, bedding, ceilings, sinks, etc! When is enough...enough? Animal prints can be loud, bold, and overwhelming. Here are a few examples of too much animal print, and our critiques:

Animal print has no place on the exterior of a home or on the body. Even in the safari or jungle. Sorry.

Please do not attempt this at home. I don't even
know what to say about this. Notice how it starts to creep down onto the walls off of the ceiling, what were they thinking?!?

In attempts to spice up the love life in the bedroom, some people feel the need to add extreme amounts of animal print, thinking it makes the bedroom feel sexy, exotic, and romantic. NOT! If I were in the bedroom, I would constantly feel like I was being watched.... wonder why?!?

Attention Parents: Please do not do this to your kids. They will NOT thank you for this in a few years. Please notice that there is not only a total overload of leopard and zebra print but also the color purple.

Please count how many items there are in this room that are leopard. 1. Bedding 2. Hamper
3. Drapery 4. Lamp Shade 5. Wall Hangings
6. Giraffes, not 1 but 2. Please limit the amount of animal print to maximum of 2 items per room.

Now, Lets get to the good stuff...
These images I am about to show you are very well designed
with minimal amounts of animal print. Just enough to add that flair of design that is desired.

These room are classic and chic with a flair of femininity. I love the colors that were chosen for both of these designs. The zebra rugs add that extra element of interest to the rooms.

I love everything about this room! The clean lines of the furniture and the neutral color palette really speaks to my soul. The simple accent of zebra on the small bench is very sophisticated and classic. The chandelier gives the room that extra element of oomph that really tops the room off.

This room is simply fabulous. Enough said. ~Hannah & Cassie


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where do you buy that brown bedding at? must have!

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