Thursday, June 10, 2010

What were they thinking!!?? - Toilet Art

Toilet, Commode, Lavatory, Loo, Latrine, John, Pot, Can, Potty

Do ANY of these words make you think of art? NO!

Why in the world would you want to draw attention to something like a toilet. You can't dress it up, you can't make it look like something it isn't. It is a toilet and will always be a toilet and only has one purpose.

Put art on the walls and focus on accessorizing the tub or the sink counter (not too much), NOT THE TOILET!

Adding a fish tank will not make anyone think they are basking on the beach, it's still toilet water. (Is that safe for the fish?)

A finer approach to commode decor. No one is sipping champagne on this thing, still a toilet!

This is actually funny. It could pass in an eclectic, fun house with a sense of humor.

And finally, please please please do not put that fuzzy little toilet topper and matching rug on your commode. Nobody wants to touch it to lift up the seat and nobody wants to walk on that little rug. It is not sanitary! It doesn't matter how often you wash it. It is much better to leave the floor bare and mop. Remember we say this out of love and just want to help you! Now go get rid of it!

Thanks for reading! ~ Jessica


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