Friday, August 6, 2010

DIY Friday - A Response to Thursday

In response to our "What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" post we have nominated this weekend's DIY as Clean up your #$@& weekend.

It's supposed to be extremely HOT so I suggest leaving the garage for cooler month. Start small, maybe a closet or the pantry.

I am what they call a piler. My cleaning method always starts with making little piles of everything according to item type and item location. This is a great way to start, just as long as you don't leave mid project because you forgot you had to pick up some strawberries for crepes before your husband gets home. I have been known to pile hop for a week or so before re-addressing the tiny volcanoes all over my floor that are in danger of erupting at any moment.

Don't get distracted!

Another great way to start is by first pulling out everything that doesn't go there, is going to goodwill, or needs to be thrown away. Have bins that are labeled "Keep" "Goodwill" and "Trash". After you get it weeded out, then you can begin to organize what does go there. I suggest investing in some dividers and drawer organizers. These have really helped me to keep everything in it's place. If you want to get really OCD, you can even label the heck out of everything!

And then there is always the easiest method of all but equally dangerous. Just pulling everything out of the closet all at once and then begin to organize it and put everything back in piece by piece. This can be very dangerous because if you get distracted and leave, your room looks like a tornado hit it, and trust me, speaking from someone who has seen her share of room tornadoes, this can be almost impossible to reverse. So, if this is the method you want to use, make sure you allot enough time to complete the task. There's no half way with this method!

Tip: Have all your organizing bins and supplies ready before you start to clean. You cannot leave mid project to go to the container store and then decide to hit Northpark because it's across the street and before you know it you get home at midnight $500 poorer and with even more stuff you have to fit in that closet.

And now for some inspiration that will make everyone want to get started!

Oh come on, women definitely have more shoes than that!

Very nice and clean and organized, but did anyone notice that rug! Way too small! See Rug post.

Send me before and after pictures of your organizing project and I will post them next week!!
~Jessica (the piler)


Eric said...

If you really need motivation, watch an episode or two of Monk to get you going...

Anonymous said...

Isn't it supposed to be spelled $#!+


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