Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Back!!!

Studio B Designs has been on a field trip for the past few days. We all packed up and left for Dallas on Wednesday for MetroCon10. MetroCon is basically a smaller version of NeoCon in Chicago, a big Interior Design convention where companies display new products ranging from furniture to flooring to wall covering and fabrics. Highlights of this year's metrocon are as follows:

1. Pittsburgh Paints on aisle 200 gave away Sprinkles cupcakes
2. Having fun with hats and sunglasses while making a photo flip book, thanks Design Guide
3. Manicures at the Miliken carpet booth
4. The shout out for Studio B Designs in Tyler, TX during the ADA Common Mistakes CEU class
5. Fabulous dinner at La Duni restaurant and the discovery of frozen mojitos
6. Candy Candy and more free Candy
7. Oh, and seeing all the cool new products!

And now, for a photo montage

Brandy showing off her new Kate Spade

Really cool whiteboard table, so much fun
Wall Panels
My favorite product at the show, a french chair that has been sprayed with some special foam/paint material that makes the chair weather resistant. I want these for my back porch!
Cool new seating from Nucraft
Hannah's getting married so we celebrated at La Duni!
Fake flowers that are acceptable to me! Used for cool art pieces like this one.
And this one
MetroCon10 kick-off party
East Hampton Summer Chic Attire at it's finest, as the invitation called for.

And now, here's a look at some Before and After pics of my pantry. I did the DIY challenge last week and tackled organizing my pantry!

I had already started clearing off shelves when I remembered to take a before shot.
Yikes, I am embarrassed!
After: So pretty! And Organized!

Now, I can find everything!

Have you organized your stuff yet? Send me some Before and After pics!


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