Thursday, August 19, 2010

"What Were They Thinking Thursday" - Please Pick Up the Pet Hair

Raise your hand if you have indoor pets. Now keep your hand raised if they shed. Put your hand down if you vacuum everything, and I mean everything, once a week. Those of you who still have your hand raised, this post is for you!

There is nothing that disgusts me more than being invited over to a friend's house only to discover there is not a single piece of furniture that I can sit down on without leaving looking like an angora sweater. Pet hair is gross and needs to be cleaned up!

Unless you live like this:

pet hair gets embedded into your upholstery and can be hard to clean out if you don't do it often.

Take a look around your house today, and I am willing to bet you will find pet hair in the least of likely places.

The dryer vent

Window sills

Box Spring

Lamp Shades

You never know where this stuff might turn up.

Now, I am not suggesting you get rid of your shedding pets and replace them with one of these

you just need to clean up after them. And that includes toys all over the house. They look disgusting and chewed up, they stink, and they are usually slimy.
Awwww puppy!

Also, if you have pets inside you need to be conscience of the smell. I know you are thinking, my house doesn't stink. Well, be aware that you can usually not smell the odors of your own home because you live there. Ask a really really close friend or family member that doesn't live there to let you know if your house stinks. Keep your indoor pets clean to eliminate odors and keep your house clean, vacuumed and mopped. A great mopping combo is to add some vinegar to your soap and water, this will help kill those odors.

Also, keep your pets brushed. This will cut down on all the shedding. Especially in the summer time, you should be brushing your long hair pets once a day. And just think, if you were to brush them every day, you could save that pet hair and send it in to this lady:
and she could make you a lovely sweater like this:

Looking like your pet takes on all new meaning.


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Those pet sweaters are gross. haha

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