Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Office Holiday Decorating

Should you decorate your place of business for holidays? Some do and some don’t. I say DO! Why not? It’s fun and fun for the employees. You should even involve the employees and get them to give ideas and tasks to get into the holiday spirit. Of course, many businesses want their place to look perfect and it’s understandable if they want to project a certain image, so maybe employee participation in this case, may not be ideal. Everyone is different so it will be eclectic, and if you can embrace that, it’s worth a try!

Be careful because there are some bad ways to celebrate the holidays, here’s a few examples:

These "decorate your own cubicle contests" are a bad idea. Not a very productive workspace and it's just tacky.

These are good examples of using existing plants or pictures to add decoration too. Do not do this. It looks like an afterthought. How is this inspiring?

Some ideas to get your office in the Halloween spirit are:
1. Wear your halloween costume to work day (tasteful though)
2. Play scary practical jokes (spider in the restroom worked for me!)

3. Pumpkin carving contest. They could carve at home and bring it to the office.

4. Craft project for your desk. Like Spooky Pencil Jars. Be Creative!

5. Window Decor if you have exterior or interior windows. These Silhouette Ideas are great! Got to Love Martha Stewart!

We should make these silhouette chandeliers and hang in our windows!

6. Have fun in the break room with candy jars and fun candy!

Coming Soon! Ideas to celebrate Christmas at the office.....

Send us your ideas! ~Brandy


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