Thursday, November 18, 2010

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Cream or Sugar?

We all set our remotes on them, prop up our feet on them and use them to put our drinks down. Coffee tables are very useful and most living rooms have them. But how do we accessorize them and make them look good. It can be quite simple but all too often people get it completely wrong.

Probably best not to serve tea from your coffee table.

Don't leave your shoes on the table. This is not an appropriate decor item.

This candelabra is way too tall to go on the coffee table.

Give Grandma her crochet doily back please!

Good try but still needs a little something. Should taken the box out of tray and added some books.

It's best to not let pets on the furniture, dead or alive.

Just ugly

Under-scaled and bad placement.

Weird. Pine cones and sand dollars with a lace doily?

Just needs something.


Not a place for laundry baskets, I don't care how small your apartment is.

Check out that nice bathroom rug under the table. Very classy.

Hahah, folding tables are not coffee tables! Way too big and too high. You can tell someone lives here that just wants to sit and eat in front of the television all day.

Find something to keep your electronics in and hidden. And lose the kiddy baskets, they might be to store toys but they don't have to look like it.

Beware of weird collections. Not everyone wants to see your nautical doll from 1946 in original packaging.

Coffee tables really aren't that hard to dress up. Some books, maybe some fresh flowers and you're done. Take a look at these tables and how beautiful and simple they look.

A simple vase of fresh flowers and family pictures looks great on this elegant coffee table.

Go green! Add some fresh herbs or small plants to your coffee table. Just steer clear of the fake stuff!

Cool sculptures add interest to this coffee table. Just make sure they aren't too tall and block people sitting on the sofa.

If you have an upholstered coffee table, a simple tray on top will allow for people to set their drinks down and it can hold a cool vase or something to dress up it up a little.

Stacked books are great on coffee tables.

Simple and elegant.

Add something cool like a found object or small sculpture that means something to you. You want it to reflect your personality and the feel of the room.

If your coffee table has lower shelves, simply stack books underneath or maybe blankets.

I hope this helps you accessorize your own coffee table. It's really not that hard, just keep it simple and personal. Make sure things are the right scale and you'll do great!


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