Monday, January 3, 2011

Our New Year's Resolutions...

2011 is here and with it comes the chance to start over, start new things, continue doing those things that have been good for us and stop those that aren't. We have already looked back at 2010 and now it's time to look to the future.

Our New Year Resolutions for Studio B Designs:

1. Keep our library organized
2. Keep our files and project notebooks more organized
3. Incorporate new technology into everyday business for efficiency
4. Continue to push the envelope and bring current design to Tyler
5. Stretch our creative minds and look for new ways to let the creativity flow

Our Personal New Year Resolutions:


1. Try to live more healthy by eating better and daily exercising - generally not an aggressive plan that I will fail at
2. Be more budget conscious
3. Plan for retirement
4. Saturday dates with my Husband
5. Take more time for myself and my family - leave work at work
6. No texting and driving


1. Shed some stuff! Get rid of all those things in the back of the closet and just minimize the amount of stuff I have.
2. Spend more time doing recreational things with Eric. More picnics, walks outside, bike rides and BBQing.
3. Finish all those books that I am in the middle of.
4. Write more letters and cards to family and friends.
5. Look out for others well-being above my own.
6. Eat at home more and out less.


1. Join a Sunday School class, check! And continue attending
2. Watch less TV and do an activity instead.
3. Get my house all set up and decorated the way I envision


1. To do some sort of exercise every day.
2. Read the Bible more
3. Organize my clutter and keep it that way.
4. Leave home at least ten minutes earlier in the morning


1. Join a gym and work out during the week and pick up running outside on the weekends again.
2. Laugh more and worry less.
3. Be better about making time for each of my girlfriends and really being there for them in their lives.
4. Pass my NCIDQ exam in April!

2011 Here We Come!!!!


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