Thursday, February 3, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - What are They Wearing!!??

I am all about following trends in fashion. I love some of the crazy stuff that designers come up with. But, I draw the line when it is unflattering or just plain slutty. Let's take a look at some trends and I hope you agree with me when I say "What were they thinking!!??".

Ok, let's start with leggings. I love leggings. They look great with boots and tunic or under a dress with some flats. However, the new trend seems to be wearing leggings with regular length shirts. THIS DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ON YOU! Unless you look like this:
And let's be honest, unless you are 13, you probably don't. Do not wear leggings with regular length shirts. I know it can be hard to get a good look at your backside in a regular mirror but trust me, it might look cute from the front but as you're walking away you don't want people to see you like that!

Even the celebrities should not be wearing this:
Mischa Barton's backside
Kardashian's backside
Stationary, not so bad. She has a great backside, but once she starts walking, things are bound to be jiggling.

Leggings can look great. Just follow two simple rules:

1. Pick a flattering legging color, black looks best.
2. Wear a top or sweater that covers your backside.

Easy as that. These are all cute examples for leggings. Still stylish but the rump is covered!

Up Next, Ugg boots. Ugg boots are lined with sheep skin. They are made for the cold, so why do women insist on wearing the with bare legs. This is probably one of the worst looking trends.

This outfit is actually really cute if she would just put on some leggings.

Much cuter and more weather appropriate.

Ok, let's move on to jeans. First up, high-waisted jeans. Now high-waisted jeans can be cute if they fit correctly and you don't have curves.
It's very hard to pull off high-waisted jeans, even for the stars.

These pants are too tight and those pleats only make her thighs look bigger!

These pants look great on her. Not too high a waist and it helps that she is a stick.

What's worse than high-waisted jeans? High-waisted SKINNY jeans! Yuck. These look ridiculous on everybody.

Even looks terrible on the models.

These look so terrible on your backside!

For a more flattering high-waist option, skip the denim and choose a nice wide leg pant with some movement to the fabric. If they fit correctly, these can actually be quite slimming.

The best advice I can give is just buy pants that fit correctly. Not too tight!

Very unflattering!

Way too tight!

Beware of the muffin top

A very poplar trend that I hate is the harem pant. They do look extremely comfortable but come on, you like you are wearing a baggy diaper!

Another pant that's not too terrible from the front but oh when you walk away it just looks disgusting!

Please do not ever wear these. I guarantee in not even a year you will look back at pictures and think "What was I thinking!".

What's your opinion on Rompers? Personally, I think they look silly and I've always wondered, how do you go to the bathroom? Do you have to completely get undressed? Not a good thing in a public restroom!

Poor Mischa.

The mini skirt has been around forever. There is a correct way to wear them and then there is the hooker way.


Oh, the bar outfit. Black tube top and denim mini.

If you've got great legs, don't be afraid of the mini. Just make sure to wear it correctly. Since a mini skirt is really sexy, keep the top portion of your outfit more conservative. This will make your outfit look well proportioned and much more classy.

Shredded leggings, always a BIG NO! Stay away!

I hope this post helps you navigate some of those current trends. Know when to say no and when to go for it. If you aren't sure, just ask a friend who you know will be honest with you, but don't get upset when they tell you the truth!!



Claire said...

Jess - this makes me miss your old blog. I miss seeing your cute outfits that inspire me!

Anonymous said...

Informative and helpful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

shred pants are cute if u have the legs for them

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