Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Creative

As designers, we like to showcase creativity and design wherever we can find it! As I was helping my brother-in-law with designing his new business cards I started looking around on the internet and saw some of the cleverest most creative business cards I have ever seen! I was laughing out loud so I just had to share some of these with you.

If you really want to make yourself stand out, consider making your business cards more creative and fun.

A Business card that becomes a toy! If your kids got a hold of it though, you'd probably never find it again!

I know divorce is tragic but this card is hilarious!

And if you want to mend things...

Very clever! For those college students who are going to be hitting the real world soon, this would be a great way to "get your face in front" of a potential employer. (Probably only permissible in a creative working industry)

Looks like am architectural plan...but wait...

Ta da!!! You can even see it landscaped!

Love this one!!! Such a cute idea!

This is so cool! It's hard to tell from the picture but this is a business card for a fashion stylist. All of these "outfit" cards are transparent and you can layer them to create the outfit of your choice!

Stress reliever

Very clever, I like how all these cards really pertain to the business they are representing.

So are you thinking it's time to update those old business cards? I recommend hiring a graphic designer or some sort of creative agency to help you come up with something really unique!



Plastic business cards said...

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Studio B Designs said...

The title is "creative juice", like the saying, get your creative juices flowing. And the business card post is just to celebrate creativity in other things, not just interior design!

Anonymous said...

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