Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are Moving!!!!

Surprise!!! Studio B Designs is changing locations. Our future location is 400 S Broadway, downtown at the corner of Front and Broadway. We will be joining Butler Architectural Group in an adaptive reuse project that will be the gate way to Downtown's Business, Arts & Culture District.

Today is your lucky day, you get to see the very first tour of our new space! Yes, it is a computer rendering because we are still under construction, but keep checking back because we will be posting pictures of the progress along the way!

Under Construction....

The future Studio B Designs!!!

Interior of our space, what it looks like right now....

What it will look like when it's finished!!!

Framing is going up!!!

A look at our future break room. Check out those awesome Jonathan Adler sconces and that plum quartz bar!

Our future conference room with a really cool wood plank wall and did you notice the light fixture, yes it is a lamp hung upside down!!

And we thought we would stop by and hang out in the space for a while...

Brandy looks great relaxing in our new break room!


Chad Humphries said...

Very interesting, I hope you guys enjoy the new digs and the change it's going to bring to your business!

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