Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's Recycle

I am naturally prone to resist recycling. I don't know why. Maybe it's the extra effort it takes or the fact that it requires me to remember to put the recycling tub out on the curb on the correct day of the month and I always forget so then my kitchen is overflowing with milk jugs and newspapers. Let's face it, recycling isn't easy. You have to know how to read the different types of plastic and what is acceptable for recycling and what's not. PET what?
It seems to me that it takes a lot of time and effort just to give me the warm fuzzies of doing something good for the planet. Read this interesting article.

However, I have discovered as with anything in my life, adding a little style or something cute to buy can get me to do the most unwanted of tasks, even recycling.

Before we get into these really cool recycling centers let me mention that Reducing the amount of stuff you use and Reusing what you have is always better than recycling.

I like how these are hidden from sight. I really don't like it when people have their recycling i.e trash out for everyone to see.

I really need to find out what this color coding means.

Funky little things. Doesn't seem to hold very much.

I like the impressions on the lid to help you know where to put things.

Cute but that barely holds anything! You would be emptying this all the time into another larger bin. Too much work for me to be emptying trash into smaller bins and then larger bins and then the bin that goes on the curb!

I like the color coding! Does it come with a decoder because I don't know what those mean.


Easy and straightforward. It also looks like these would hold a lot.

Convenient pull outs. I like.

Stylish but how does this not get gross. Do you have to rinse everything out before you put in here or it will leak out of the mesh? Seems like a lot of work to me.

I love this! Love the painted silhouettes to help you know what goes where.

As I said earlier, it's always better to Reduce and Reuse instead of recycle. People have become pretty creative with their trash. Check out some of these crazy things you can make with everyday disposables.

A magazine bowl. Learn how here: A Little Hut

Make art out of your recyclables! Learn how here" A Little Hut

"She looks trashy" takes on an all new meaning.

I don't think this would be very comfortable!

Anthropologie does a great job of reusing with their window displays! Check out what they have done with corks here: Earth Day Windows

Check out this website for some more great ideas on stuff you can make from your trash!



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