Thursday, April 21, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Trendy Taxidermy

Living in Texas, I am very familiar with hunting and most people I know have a buck hanging somewhere in their house, myself included. In fact, one of my nephews first words was"buck" as he pointed his tiny hand up to the stuffed creature on the wall.

Taxidermy is very trendy right now. Whether it's real or fake, a set of antlers can be found in a lot of designs. But what happens when it gets taken to the extreme? Well, you might end up with something like this:

Just like anything in your room, it is important that the taxidermy be part of the design and be intentional. A bunch of animals hanging all over the walls looks terrible! I don't care if you are extremely proud of all things that you've shot, it makes other people feel uncomfortable when they come to visit and it's just down right ugly. One or two hanging in the right places is ok and I think can look really great. But this:

is awful!!!

It's very obvious that a woman is not sleeping in this bed, and probably never will.

Do you have to get every buck you've shot mounted? What about just a simple European mount, (for those who don't know, that's just the antlers on a plaque).

Taking flight

Hahah, this one is so funny! Did you notice the picture of Jesus surrounded by God's creation, except their dead.

I don't know what's worse, the fake brick on the wall or the birds flying off of it.

All eyes are on you!

An elephant, seriously?

They're watching you as you're watching TV. At least they believe in symmetry.

Now here's a look at some really well-designed rooms with some taxidermy.

I like how some of these antlers are painted white.

Hollister and Porter Hovey, Brooklyn Apartment

Hollister and Porter Hovey, Brooklyn Apartment

Very nice. I am not a huge fan of the boar but I love how everything is kept simple and white.

Those are European mounts, if you were still curious. If you have a grouping I think it looks better this way then to have a bunch of heads on the wall.

Very elegant room. I love all the black and white and I even like the zebra! A little creepy though because I just think where did it come from? Hopefully it died of natural causes in a zoo somewhere.

I love this room! This has Jessica written all over it. And I really like the way the manly antlers contrast with the pretty floral rug.

Love this too! Who would've thought taxidermy could look good on this toile wallpaper.

A great lodge feel.

Very cool, I love the paint job.

FABULOUS! Look at those nailheads on the walls! Amazing!

Love this too! I love the round plaques all hung together. Is it supposed to be off-center? My OCD would really like to see then centered above the sofa.

So as you can see, taxidermy can look really great in your home, when done right. One thing that will never look good though, is taxidermy pets. These are just down right creepy. If you have one of these you might need to see a counselor because you have trouble letting go of things.

So what do you think? Do you like the taxidermy trend? I will say that coming from a hunting family, it is hard for me to believe that people just buy these things instead hanging their own. It just doesn't seem very authentic to have bucks on your wall when you live in NYC and never hunted a day in your life. Am I too harsh?



Carissa said...


I can't get into the even "tastefully done taxidermy." I blame it on growing in a small country town where your first examples were the norm. Ewww. I don't mind the horns though.


Studio B Designs said...

I hear ya! I have seen my share of the rooms pictured above. But after looking at the others, who know knew taxidermy could be so chic!

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