Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I just wanted to say thank you to the men and women who serve our country or for those who have given their lives.  It's a day of reflection for me, so I thought I would share about some special men in my life.

My father M. Wayne Williams was killed in 1971 in Vietnam.  He was a pilot for the Army.  He flew helicopters and fixed wing planes.  I was only 2 years old when he was killed.  I never knew my Father but I am told he was smart, good looking, an artist, quiet, meticulous and loving.  My mother tells me I have all of these qualities.

My step-father Hector Saenz served the Army in Vietnam.  He was in the Infantry.  My parents married when I was 3 1/2 years old and are still married today.  He has only told a few stories and I know that the experience was very difficult to endure.  He has taught me to love unconditionally, to cook with TLC, to use common sense,  and when you have something traumatic happen to you, pick yourself up and keep moving forward (or our private term "unpacked your trunk").

Other special men...all of whom made it home except Clinton.

Marshall Williams, Navy, WWII

W. Clinton Niedecken- Navy, Vietnam -MIA

Rick Stewart, Navy, Vietnam

Frank Palmiero, Army, Vietnam

Mike Fleming, Army, Vietnam

Tommy Loper, Army, Vietnam

Mel Morgan, Marines

Mark McCoy, Army, Iraq

Dave Ross, Air Force, currently serving

Corbin Thornell, currently serving

Remembering all who have served ~ Brandy


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