Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vitamin B Boost: Breaking the Rules/Trends in Home Interiors

Many people ask what are the current trends in home interiors?  They want to know what's IN and what's OUT.  It's a complicated answer because so many styles are IN.  There really aren't any rules and it's very hard to typecast a design into a style category.  In fact, breaking the rules could be a style.  The most au courant is "Eclectic" but it's such a general term and doesn't quite define a style.  Styles or trends of the recent past would have been "shabby chic" or "retro" or "Tuscan" but now it could be "shabby retro meets french modern".  I can come up with some crazy names!  The point is...anything goes and I am SO embracing this amazing design freedom!!!  Halt...NOT everyone can achieve this look.  It is a very fine line between a well designed "modern industrial upcycle antique" style and let's face it...junk.

Here's some examples of the new eclectic styles that I have been talking about...
These are my favorite designers of the

ELLE DECOR’s 2011 A-List

by Jamie Drake 
Pink is definitely a trendy color right now


by Thom Filicia

Love that the mirrors make the room seem so big and open!

by Jay Jeffers
The funky modern chairs and the overscaled pattern on the ottoman are a unique twist

by Jeffrey Alan Marks
Putting a boat (and the ores) on the ceiling is bold but in this case beautiful

by McAlpine Booth & Ferrier
The tapestry and the large skull painting are on the opposite spectrum stylistically yet it works because it's an art collection. 

Here's some examples of my favorite Designers that "Break the rules"

Diamond Baratta Designs
They are bold and down right daring! 
Masters at mixing patterns & color

Jonathan Adler
Potter and Designer
Not only does he make amazing pottery but he is a fearless designer.  I love the vase I bought in Soho!

sorry he doesn't make it anymore:(
Love his needlepoint pillows

Kelly Wearstler
Elegant and Glam
Amazing Pattern Mix!

These are some examples of lower budget eclectic design.  Did they hit or miss?





I think #4 is obvious.  This is what a great eclectic picture arrangement should look like.

Current color trends are anything goes however there the base color trends that set the palette for the pops of color you may add.  They are....




Bold Patterns as you can see in the previous pictures are very hot right now. 

This may have confused you more and not given you any real advise adventurous, be bold, mix patterns, mix colors, dare to be unique. ~ brandy


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