Thursday, June 2, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!?? - Wedding Don'ts

We've all been to a wedding that wasn't quite right. There are some pretty obvious don'ts at a wedding. We have come up with a few and all of these wedding don'ts are things that we have actually experienced, if you can believe it!

First up, do not have karaoke at the reception when there is no alcohol being served! It takes a lot of guts to get up there and sing and let's face it, with no alcohol the only people that are going to participate are American Idol wannabes who hog the mic.

This one is very important, if you are having a head table, you know the table that the bride and groom sit at with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, make sure you have a seat for their dates! I spent a very long wedding dinner at a table with strangers when my boyfriend, soon to be fiance' was eating with the wedding party at the front. It was miserable!

Never use fake flowers for your arrangements. That's a given.

Make sure you have more than enough food and drink for everyone. Even if the reception is a bust, as long as there is good food and enough to drink it will turn out ok. My father-in-law loves to tell the story of the wedding they went to where they completely ran out of beverages and everyone was melting!

Brandy says never let someone make your wedding dress for you! She spent her reception with beads falling off and the dress coming apart. If you do get a custom dress, make sure you know who it is that's making it and look at some of their previous work.

Here's one that I experienced at my own wedding, do not let the DJ pick out your music, I don't care how many weddings he's done. I didn't know what Eric should dance to with his mom so I told the DJ to just play a typical Mother Groom song that he's played before. Well you will never believe what he played! Tim McGraw's "My Best Friend"! If you aren't familiar with the lyrics they go a little something like this, "you are more than a lover, there could never be another to love me the way you do, you're my best friend".

My jaw was on the floor! I don't know what kind of weddings he's been doing but that is not the relationship Eric has with his MOTHER!! I will never forget how embarrassed I was or how much I wished no one was paying attention!

Here's a good one, know who is booked at the venue at the same time. If you are getting married in a ballroom, most of the time they have some sort of partition walls that aren't sound proof. Brandy enjoyed hearing all the "Amen's!!" and "Hallelujahs!!" coming from the event next to the wedding she was at just as the couple were trying to say their vows. So distracting!

These are just a few "Wedding What Were They Thinkings!!??" We would love to hear your stories. What have you experienced at a wedding?



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