Monday, July 11, 2011

O'Verlay Genius

I just have to share this amazing product with you! O'verlays by Danika and Cheryle are the coolest and easiest thing you can use to update a vintage or IKEA piece of furniture. They come in sizes that are compatible with common IKEA pieces or you can order a custom size. 

4 Different Designs to choose from

These fretwork panels are made from a lightweight PVC foam composite and are completely paintable. The possibilities are endless. Mirrors, frames, cabinets, drawer fronts, etc. Check out some of the great things they have been used for:

A privacy screen

They are thin enough to be curved around a coffee table. 

Before: IKEA Cabinet

After: Awesome Custom looking piece

I love this idea of using them for cornice boards!

I am coming up with all kinds of ideas now! As soon as we buy a new house and I know what my design plan is I will definitely be doing some experimenting with these panels. And for less than $20 bucks a panel, you can afford to have some fun!

What do you think? Genius?

Thanks to Morgan at Pepper Design Blog for introducing these to me!



That Ol Thing said...

These are SUCH a great idea! I'm dreaming of what furniture I can update...!

dharajyot said...

send us all design and patterns for our selection.
lekhraj khatri

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