Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fresh Squeezed - Leather Tiles

I just received an email from Spinneybeck on their new laser engraved leather tiles!  While leather tiles have been around a while.  This image struck me...
I love the color and pattern and because it's leather it gives the wall even more depth.  These would made a great accent wall.  There are standard patterns and I'm sure they come in hundreds of colors.  You can do custom too!

This pattern would be cool!  

Spinneybeck also carries other leather tiles.  Here's a few of their products...

Ann Sacks Piel leather tiles look so decadent

 Ann Sacks Cowden Bell Tile

Ann Sacks Cowden Bell Gator

Edelman Leather is another great leather company that makes both floor and wall tiles.
This is my favorite!

DreamHome, the Design House at the Merchandise Mart in Edelman Ivory & Black
by Anne Coyle

Look at these cool wall cow hide tiles!

Next time you think about doing an accent wall, consider leather tiles and if you are really brave try a leather floor! ~Brandy


Fitness Freak said...

Whoa! just awesome collection of leather floor tiles, i also want these in my sweet home right now.

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