Monday, September 12, 2011

Looking outside ourselves

Last week we didn't post.  Jessica was in Martha's Vineyard on vacation and I was at a loss to what to say with all those fires going on around us.  It seems trivial to talk about color, fashion and great finds.  Those things can be nice distractions but so many people lost their homes and would give anything to have 4 walls and roof no matter what it looks like.  We are talking basic needs that most of us take for granted.  It is times like these we are reminded about what is really important.  I know my family and friends were affected by the fires.  I had family in Steiner Ranch, Austin, TX and Jessica's family had their land burn.  Here's a really good video of what it has been like for those affected:

I just can't imagine.  Our prayers are with those who lost their homes.

So I have been thinking beyond myself or outside of myself, often that is the blessing that tragedy brings.  You become grateful for your family and friends and focus on how you can help.  All the worrying and stuff becomes so much less significant.


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