Thursday, September 1, 2011

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - T-Town Tex-Mex

What's the deal with all the Tex-Mex in Tyler? There are 43 Mexican food restaurants in the greater Tyler area, yes I counted them in the phonebook. Most of them are not very good. Cancun cafe, you can skip that one.

Every time a new restaurant is opening, I get excited about what we might get and then the sign goes up and it's another Tex-Mex place that will probably only make it 6 months before shutting down. How about some variety folks! I would kill for some good chinese food or how about a Cheesecake Factory? La Madeline? Please Please come to Tyler!

When I was visiting my husband in California when we were just dating, we went out to eat at like the only Mexican food place in the area and this is how our conversation went:

Me:    "Do they have Queso here? 
Eric:  "Queso means cheese in Spanish." 
Me:    "I know, I know, do they have queso?"
Eric:   "I am sure they have cheese on stuff."
Me, getting very frustrated at this point:   "No, do they have QUESO! You know, the cheese dip that you eat with tortilla chips!"

Needless to say he didn't have a clue what I was talking about because apparently Californians don't have Tex-Mex.

I will say that we have been getting some better things these last few months. Chuys, finally! Panera Bread soon and a Corner Bakery! I can't wait! But seriously, what are they thinking with all these Mexican Food places. Let's list some off:

1. Cancun Cafe
2. Carretas
3. Casa Ole
4. Cosina Mexicana
5. Don Juans
6. El Charro
7. Lupes
8. Mercados
9. On the Border
10. Papacitas
11. Posados
12. Salsaritas
13. El Lugar
14. The Jalapeno Tree
15. Chuy's........

The list goes on and on! Out of those 15 I can honestly say I only like 2, Chuy's and Don Juans. What about you? Are you crazy for Tex Mex or do you think we need some variety here!



Brandy said...

Of course I'm a huge Chuys fan since I'm from Austin, Tx. I do like On the Border beef fajitas and Mercados flour torillas :) I love Tex-Mex but I would like some other choices...What about Indian or French?

claudia b said...

that's crazy! i'm in Cali and everyone knows what queso is. weird!!!

Anonymous said...

Cancun Cafe is out of business!

Jessica said...

They had it coming!

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