Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vitamin B Boost - Mouldings

Mouldings are so important in a space.  They support the architecture and create the outline of the design.  All too often mouldings are under-scaled.  Here's some examples of under-scaled mouldings...

The crown and base are too small.  I always use a 5-7" high base for a room that is 8'-9' ceiling height.  If the ceiling is 10' high then I like to use 8-9" high base.  Crown will depend on the design of the room and/or whether you need it at all.

The panel moulding is just awful and the pictures should be within the panel not right on the panel.  The crown and base are way too small.

The crown and base are just fine but I would have beefed up the chair rail.  It's a bit thin for me.

Even though the crown is small, by painting it the same color as the wall makes the crown seem like a detail instead of the focal point which modernizes this space.  This is a great trick in an apartment or house you want to update without ripping mouldings out.

Here's some examples of mouldings gone wrong...

The mouldings aren't so bad but it's my pet peeve to paint the small wall at the top the same as the wall below.  It should be painted to match the ceiling.

Here's an example of a built-up crown moulding.  The problem with this is they used the same profile at both tops.  I would have done a cove profile at the very top.  Try not to use the same profile twice.

These are things that should be avoided during the design process not during construction.  The vent should have been redesigned.  Now the crown points at the vent and says "I'm a vent!  Look at me!"

I hate, hate, hate applied moulding to pretend like it is real wainscoting, especially when it is painted a different color.

Way too much applied moulding going on!  

Here's some more examples of how moulding can enhance your space...

The mouldings are the right scale for this space.  The walls and mouldings are painted the same color which creates a back drop to the modern decor.

The nice wide moulding around the door is the right scale for this tall vaulted living space.

The low but wide crown is always a great idea in a space that is not as tall but you want to have a bit more detail.  It can feel heavy especially if you paint it a color like this example, so be careful!

Solomon and Wu is a new "very cool" moulding company fresh on the market!! Check them out at http://www.solomonandwu.com/index.html

This is my favorite!

Another great moulding company is Enkeboll Designs
They have some modern, but mostly traditional and period mouldings.

These are cool 12"x12" panels.  All these moulding can come in different woods for staining.

How have you been moulding lately? ~Brandy