Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If you’ve found your way to this blog, it’s probably because we have solicited you to follow us through our other online venues. However, we hope that you will come back frequently to see wherever our whims have taken us for the day. As you might know, we are an Interior Design firm in Tyler, Texas.

Many might think we aren’t your cutting edge, super cool and trendy designers because we live in the small East Texas town of Tyler. (Most might be thinking where the heck is Tyler?) We beg to differ. We are constantly pushing the envelope and make it our mission to bring creative and cutting edge design to this small town we call home.

We have three Interior Designers and one Marketing Genius!

Brandy Jones “The Boss”

Cassie Watson “The Socialite”

Hannah McIntire “The Cheerleader”

Jessica Helgesen “The Fashionista”

We will all be posting our thoughts, whims, ideas and criticisms. Feel free to comment or ask us questions. Some topics will include:

Splash Trends – trends that are really cool but won’t stick around long

Vitamin “B” Boosts – inspirational designs, photos and ideas

What were they thinking Thursdays - rants and criticisms of bad design and other things we just don’t like

Fresh Squeezed – new cool products

Hand Squeezed – Friday DIY ideas and aspirations for you to attempt over the weekend (outcomes are not guaranteed)

The Pulp – intellectual and controversial topics



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