Thursday, May 13, 2010

Useless Information about us

Here's a little useless information about ourselves! Hope you enjoy!

1. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Jessica - Significantly more than feet to put them on
Cassie - Wish I had more..!
Hannah - A LOT!! Maybe ...40?
Brandy - About 50, I think?
2. Favorite color combination?
Jessica - Currently anything beachy, pale blues, greens and grays
Cassie - I love yellow right now...yellow and white mixed with other bright colors
Hannah - Eggplant, sage green and touches of chocolate brown and citrus orange
Brandy - Black & White or Cream & Brown
3. Single, engaged, married, kids?
Jessica - Married
Cassie - Single
Hannah - Happily Engaged!
Brandy - Married with 1 fabulous 10-year-old boy!
4. What do people tell you that you are good at?
Jessica - Decorating and Photography
Cassie - Making crepes, I learned in Europe and will make them for anyone anytime!
Hannah - Encouraging and Designing
Brandy - Everything but Singing! Absolutely the worst singer ever!
5. What song do you turn the volume way up when it comes on the radio?
Jessica - Come a Little Bit Closer-Jay and the Americans
Cassie - Right now American Honey by Lady Antebellum, with the windows rolled down
Hannah - I am terrible at knowing the names of singers and songs but I always have 89.5 on in my car
Brandy - Broken Bells “The High Road”
6. What celebrity to people say you look like?
Jessica - Well when my hair was blonde it was Alecia Silverstone but now that it's dark with the bangs I get Zooey Deschanel
Cassie - Jennifer Love Hewitt, people used to call me "Love" in Jr. High
Hannah - As an adult, people tell me I look like Reese Witherspoon. When I was younger people told me I looked like the Olsen twins.
Brandy - Renée Zellweger
7. Favorite childhood snack?
Jessica - Orange Flintstone Push-up pops
Cassie - Dunkaroos with the white icing and sprinkles, if I got those for lunch there was no trading!
Hannah - Bananas and Jello. You cut up the banana and dip it in the jello powder. So Yummy!! Still one of my favorite snacks.
Brandy - Ding Dongs
8. Favorite place to shop? (If money were no option)
Jessica - Anthropologie, it is all my dreams and whims wrapped up in one physical location
Cassie - If money were no option I would shop at a lot of places, but most likely a lot of has it all for home & clothing
Hannah - Anthropologie(clothes and home accessories)
Brandy - ABC Carpet & Home in New York
9. What's on your pizza?
Jessica - Mushrooms, green peppers, sausage and onions
Cassie - Hawaiian, Canadian bacon with pineapple
Hannah - I can't eat pizza. I am allergic to gluten
Brandy - Margherita
10. Favorite place to be on a Saturday?
Jessica - Having a late breakfast on the patio with my love
Cassie - Laying out by the pool
Hannah - Summer: on the lake with my fiance and dog, Caly. Winter: curled up on the couch watching a chick-flick with a cup of hot chocolate
Brandy - Shopping
11. If you were a dog, what breed would you be and why?
Jessica - I would be a poodle so that I could have someone else do my hair and nails all the time
Cassie - A golden retriever, I'm easy going & fun to be around
Hannah - I would be a yorkie-poo, so I would be so cute and tiny no one would be able to resist me. But I would be smart like a poodle and wouldn't shed. I would want my name to be "Rosie".
Brandy - says I’m a lab retriever; devoted, patient, intelligent and forgiving. I’ll stick with that!


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