Thursday, May 27, 2010

What were they thinking!!?? - Above the Kitchen Cabinets

Okay, so we are all familiar with that small weird space above the kitchen cabinets that so many people feel the need to over accessorize. I have been victim to the urge of fake ivy and wine bottles, I'll admit it. Don't be ashamed, make a change!

I have chosen a few examples for your viewing pleasure of what
not to do. If you see a picture that reminds you of your kitchen, you might have a problem. Pull out the ladder (or a sturdy bar stool), put on your dust mask and get those silk plants out of there! Just like sushi, fresh is always better!

This picture reminds me of my Grandma's curio cabinet filled with dolls wearing those basket hats with ugly flowers in them. Is that what you want people to think of your kitchen?

Wine should only be collecting dust in a wine cellar, not atop your cabinets. If you're not drinking it, put it away!

Don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to eat any cookies out of those cookie jars! Notice the ivy engulfing the collection of characters. They can't be happy about that!

The Right Way to Do It!

Just a couple of items in a contrasting color will really bring interest to the space. I would cook in this kitchen!

This is a great example of how to display your collection. It is in one confined space, not all over the kitchen and its monochromatic color scheme is easy on the eyes and looks really elegant.

One great accessory to use in the kitchen are plates. Not too many and pick plates that are in the same color family.

If you can't get it right, it's best to just leave the space empty. Stay away from silk plants. Notice the fresh accessories in the right kitchens. If fresh flowers are too expensive for you, visit your local grocer! Artichokes, green apples and bell peppers can make a great (and tasty) kitchen accessory.



Anonymous said...

Can i put my Star Wars action figure collection up there?

Studio B Designs said...

NO! OK seriously, that is a relatively small scale collection so that needs to be displayed at eye level or lower. They better be collectors items and displayed well or visitors to your home might think you haven't grown up yet.

Brooke Peterson (and bp~Photography) said...

I have my "wine glas" collection up there... Like wine classes, champaign glasses, matrini glasses, ect.. Some of them are just tradtional but some of them are kinda funky and different. What do you think of that?

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