Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How often should you update the design of your home?

The answer depends on what type of design personality you are or want to be.

There are different types of design personalities:

The Traditionalist- this is someone who likes a particular period or regional style of design. These styles include: French Country, Tuscan, Craftsman, Art Deco, Mediterranean, etc. This is a more permanent style and needs updating less often. If you are authentic in your design, then you may only need to introduce accessories like pillows, lamps and recover worn furniture every 10-15 years. You should have investment type pieces of furniture. So, if this is your goal and you can imagine yourself in an English Tudor Home, then you need to identify pieces of furniture that compliment the style you have chosen and pay for quality. These pieces are timeless and classic and are worth the extra money you will spend.

The Trendsetter- this is someone who follows the trends and wants their home to reflect what is current, whether that is with color, shape or style of furniture. If this is you, you update often and don’t really need me to tell you when. You probably update every 3-4 years. I would say this is more of a design choice of a younger person who is exploring what their design statement is. It’s a good thing. I just would be cautious of what you invest your money in. You may not want to spend a huge amount on the orange sofa, knowing you won’t have it longer than 3 years.

The Individualist – This is someone who is a free spirit and it spills over into his or her home. It’s an extension of who they are. It’s unlike the Traditionalist. It’s more internal than external. A Traditionalist likes a particular style because of a place or period and how that makes them feel. An Individualist shows you how they feel. This is the toughest of all to achieve and very few people can pull this off. They can somehow make the oddest of things seem so “cool” and purposeful. This person searches on their journeys and adds things over time. It is never completely done and constantly evolving. It this describes you, then Bravo!! If this is what you would like to achieve, then you need to have a concept, inspiration or something to start your journey from. Maybe it’s a painting, movie, place, color, etc. Carry it with you and as you see things that can define an aspect of your character of the character of the loved ones that live in your home (remember it’s not all about you). Slowly, over time acquire things you love and then learn how to display them. There is no need to update this type of design, it’s always changing.

The “Average Joe” – You bought a house full of furniture after you bought your first home or big promotion and you haven’t had time to think about it since. Here’s how to begin: make a list, pull images off the Internet and magazines of things you like, take one room at a time, starting with the most used room in the house and start making changes. New paint colors can go a long way. You should update every 7-10 years.

The “I don’t have a design bone in my body”- Seek help! An Interior Designer can help your home reflect who you are and function better to suit your family’s needs.

Brandy’s updating guidelines:

1. Unless you live in a museum, you need to update at least every 10 years.

2. Pillow, lamps and accessories are great to keep things current without spending too much.

3. Update upholstery that is too worn or dusty.

4. Paint is magical!

5. Editing your rooms can be a great update. You don’t spend a dime, infact you can make some. If you keep things that no longer hold value in your life then those things will start to suck the life out of you and weigh you down.

6. Change bedding and towels. This is good for the soul!

7. You live in your house, so overtime you tend to not notice what may scream, “change me” to someone else. Everyone knows someone who has style, so call them and ask them to point out things to change. They don’t have an emotional attachment, so they can be honest. Don’t get defensive; take their advice to heart and really think about the item in question and see if it is that important for you to keep.

8. Beware of seasonal design decisions. Always question yourself, when you make a decision about your home whether it’s influenced by the season you are in or the change of seasons. If you want a white sofa in July, it may not be so appealing in December. Is it an impulsive decision? You need to question yourself. There’s nothing wrong with changing things for seasons. I have a fur pillow that I love but I don’t really want fur in the summer on my bed. I switch them out.

Got any other ideas for updating? Send us a comment! ~Brandy


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