Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fresh Squeezed - Kyle Bunting Rugs

Cowhide has come a long way from western wear and has crossed over into designer chic. Kyle Bunting has taken something ordinary and made it extraordinary through his use of hide in different interior applications. His designs can be seen as rugs, wall art, upholstery and now even furniture!

Take a look at some of his designs below:

I have got to have one of these rugs in my future. Not to mention they are based out of the Texas Hill Country!
PS Where would you like to use Kyle Bunting's work?


Jessica @ Counterscapes said...

Wow! I am pretty much loving every one of those rugs. Even the stair rug was interesting and unexpected. Not so sure about the chairs... I prefer not to sit in "fuzzy" chair in fear that they'll shed on me.

I would be interested to see how this performs in high-traffic areas. It seems like it would work perfectly in a "look, but don't touch" room that nobody ever uses, but on the stairs, or in a house with kids... hmmm.

Studio B Designs said...

They are fabulous! Not designed for a high-traffic commercial space, you are right on that. However, it would look great as a wall hanging in a commercial space.

Cowhide actually doesn't shed but it would probably begin to bald with time and wear.

As far as the white on the stairs go, must be home with no kids and they probably take their shoes off when they come in!

Cowhide Rug said...

nice post and great pictures.
thanks for sharing.

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