Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Splash Trend - It's For The Birds!

OK, let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with following a trend. I am a huge trend follower (well until it gets too trendy). Trends are fun just as long as you don't spend a ton of money on them because they will soon be on their way out and you will be left wondering why in the world do you have jeans in every color known to man.

Just like in fashion (anyone remember broom skirts and button covers?), interiors have trends as well. One that is very dominant right now is BIRDS! Don't get me wrong, I love a good throw pillow with a little birdie silhouette on it. If you have birdies perched throughout your home that is just fine, they are very trendy right now, but be advised when it's time to throw the trend to the birds, don't be too attached to let them leave the nest and fly south for the winter.

Here are some examples of the current bird trend:

A great table scape, love the birdcages

This room is fabulous. I love the bird wallpaper and the pops of color

A cute birdie lamp

LOVE this pillow!

Cute idea for birdcages, remember our above the kitchen cabinets post? This could work there.
A birdie on your wall

Modern birdie napkin rings, maybe they will clean up the crumbs left on your table.
Now, you might be asking yourself how do I know when it's time to stop following a trend. PAY ATTENTION. Look through magazines and catalogues to see what's in and what's out. Have you noticed that beachy and coral are chasing those birds away?

And of course, if you are not a trend follower, stick to the classics, throw a bird in there somewhere if you want to but don't go crazy. I know I know, people say you should decorate with what you like and what looks good to you, but let's be honest, sometimes what we think looks good is just a big mess!

Get some advice, ask your friends what they think of your space. But, if you want an honest answer don't get upset when they give it to you! I'll give you one right now, if you are wearing those mom jeans of the early 90's, you know the ones, light wash, tapered at the ankle, go and buy yourself some nice dark wash slim bootcut jeans. Just remember, women always look better in a dark wash, it makes us look thinner! You can thank me later.

And now, I must go buy that bird pillow!


Anonymous said...

can you let me know what the bird wallpaper is in the second image in the bedroom I love it

Studio B Designs said...

I think it is the hand-painted wallcovering from De Gournay:


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