Friday, June 18, 2010

DIY - Upholstered Headboard

Ever look through those magazines and think...I would LOVE that beautiful upholstered headboard for my own bed at home...and then look at the price tag and think, "dream on"! Well, here is a super simple idea for a fast, easy, & inexpensive way to make an upholstered headboard!

Supplies needed:
- plywood: tall & wide enough to accommodate your size bed ( K, Q, or twin)
- batting: enough for 2 layers on the plywood
- fabric of your choice: enough to cover plywood and wrap around edges (I used linen)
- nail gun & staples
- nailhead trim

Step 1: Decide the headboard shape you desire. Of course, the more intricate the curve, the more detail, it's just deciding if you are up for the challenge!

Here are some pictures for inspiration...

Step 2: Cut plywood to desired shape. I went for a simple soft curve. Below is a picture of the plywood after (my friend's dad) cut it for me :).

Step 3: Cover plywood with batting. I used 2 layers to allow for enough "plushness". Wrap batting around edges and staple securely with a staple gun. Wrap corners and ensure everything is even against the board, this will prevent it from sticking out away from the wall when you hang it.

Step 4: Wrap fabric around headboard and staple securely on back as well. If you have a pattern or even linear lines (like in a linen) make sure everything is straight and will look good from the front. Below is the natural linen color I used.

Step 5: Add nailhead trim! Now the hard part is following the curve of your headboard. (Much easier for those who chose square!) I put mine 3" away from the edge and used a tape measure to measure all along the way.

And voila.....!!

Hope you enjoy being a little creative and making your own headboard to enjoy!



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