Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vitamin "B" Boost - Jessica's style

One great thing about Photoshop is playing with furniture and accessories and creating a room for inspiration, which is exactly what I did. Sometimes, I feel like I have so many ideas for interiors that I will never get to complete them. Photoshop allows me to make those ideas visible and I love it! I will probably never get to do a room like this but it sure was fun creating it.

I think this room pretty much embodies all my style and passion. The first being french furniture! I love love love french antiques and the curvy lines they have. Add some button tufts and I will go crazy. The second thing that I love is beach cottage. I can't get enough coral, plank wood and sea fans. Coral has pretty much become an obsession of mine lately. It has the perfect mix of sculpture and natural element that I love to use for accessories. Finish the room off with some quirky art and objects and I am ready to move in.

I hope this room inspires you to discover what your own design style is. It doesn't have to look like the Pottery Barn catalogue. Have some fun!


PS What's your design style? Tell us below in the comments!


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