Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fresh Squeeze: CeasarStone Quartz Surface, Motivo

CaesarStone proudly presents Motivo™ - the world's first quartz surface with a
textured look and feel. Using a brilliant, patented new technology to apply an
embossed effect to a range of our surfaces, Motivo makes a stylish statement
with its pattern-designed finishes including Lace and Crocodile. Motivo opens
up a world of inspiration and imagination by delivering endless creative options
for stunning spaces.

Crocodile 3100C

As with all CaesarStone quartz surfaces, Motivo is nonporous, easy to care for and appropriate for numerous applications, including wall paneling, custom-made furniture, kitchen countertops, vanity tops and more.

Lace 2141L

This new product by CeasarStone is so COOL! These would look awesome on an accent wall, reception desk, or just about anywhere. The texture looks so interesting you can't help but to stroke your fingers over the surface to get a feel. Love this new product and am excited about the opportunity to use it one day.

Have a blessed day! -Hannah


Jessica said...

Love this stuff! :D

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