Thursday, June 17, 2010

What were they thinking? Thursday - Bad Entertainment

Who's ready for what were they thinking Thursday??
This is starting to become my favorite day of the week!

Today we are going to focus on BAD ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS.

Lesson #1: No exposed wires! No one wants to see your xbox, wii, blue ray, dvd, cd, dvd, dvr, etc boxes laying out there for all to see. There is nothing else to focus on here, all you see here is a white wall with media boxes and cables, and a
huge tv screen.

Really, who wants to walk by your tv and see...THIS.

Again, all you see are media and cables.

No exposed antennas...

or speaker stands either.


Lesson #2: Do not put pheasants on your entertainment center. Or any fake plant or bird for that matter! There is good reason for an entertainment center (to hide all your cable & dvd mess) so don't put a mess of "decorations" on top!


Lesson #3: Too decorative. There is a certain point when an entertainment center is just an entertainment center. It does not need excessive decoration, scrolling, moulding, or claw feet. Your furniture pieces should go with the style of your home, however these are a little much.


Lesson #4: I'm going to go ahead and say your media center should never be "themed". I love mickey, I love disney, I do not love mickey mouse shaped entertainment centers. There are only two places this is acceptable and they are in Florida and California, in a theme park.


Here are some options for well decorated, simple media centers that integrate the tv into your living room.

Simple, modern, and clean.

Love the use of pictures above with only a few pieces sitting on the media center. Also, the folding doors that hide the tv when needed is a great option.

This is a great, modern, large wall media center. There are so many things to look at so your eye doesn't go directly to the tv screen.

A more traditional tv cabinet, and even though some of the media is exposed it is neat and no cables are showing, and it is not the only thing your eye goes to.

Remember, that large flat screen does not have to be the focus of your living room. Place two sofas facing each other for a great sitting area, or have doors to hide your tv when you aren't using it. Imagine sitting and talking and enjoying each other!



Brandy Jones said...

I love it! I have only two comments: 1) I love the Mickey Mouse Entertainment Center...I see it as an art piece, with a play on "entertainment". I see it making fun of its self, so I disagree on this one. 2) I have a husband who LOVES TV so the TV is the focus and it would be the size of the whole wall if I let him. So my advice is don't hide the TV if you love it, just integrate it like the pictures show. But turn it off when you have a dinner party. There is nothing worse than having the TV be background noise. Brandy

Ken said...

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