Thursday, June 24, 2010

"What Were They Thinking Thursday" - Fake Flowers

I would really like to have a dog but I don't have time to take care of it so I got this really cool life-like stuffed dog and I put him in the corner and I named him Fido. It's great because I don't have to feed him or give him water. I don't have to take him for walks or play ball with him, or take him to the lake to go swimming. Wait a minute, I would like to do all those things with him. Isn't that what having a dog is about. Spending time with him and having him give you a slobbery kiss after you scratch his ears. Wow, I really sold out with this fake dog. He can't do anything, he just sits there collecting dust and reminding me how busy I think I am to have a dog.

Ok Ok, my little story might be a little "far-fetched", (pun intended) but I think the concept is the same as having fake flowers or plants in your house. You basically buy them because you want something to look pretty in that vase that your mother-in-law gave you but you don't want to take care of them. And in the end, you are the one that loses because you have sacrificed all the life and joy real flowers could bring to your home.

Flowers are beautiful living things and when added to a space bring life and scent and an overall feeling of joy. I actually feel better when there are fresh flowers in the room. Fake flowers might look like real flowers, but that is where their benefits end. They do not have the beautiful scents, or the amazingly intricate details of the real flower. Some fake flowers might feel somewhat real to the touch but I would challenge you to touch a real flower at the same time and then tell me if you think it feels real. The real flower has a delicateness about it that
cannot be imitated. There is just something about how fragile it is but how strong it looks that is simply fascinating. Also, fake flowers are stagnant, they do not move or change. Fresh flowers grow, they bloom and open up and then slowly fade back away and dry. Even dried, they are beautiful. So my challenge is, why would you settle for only one aspect of the flower, the visual, in a fake impostor when the benefits of having fresh flowers are far more numerous.

Some may argue that fake flowers are easier and allow you to have something pretty that is low maintenance. Wrong! Fake flowers collect dust, fade and can fall apart. Not only that, but they only look good for a period of time. You will have to replace fake flowers just like you would real flowers, just not as often.

Another argument is cost. Real flowers are so expensive, I can't afford to have them in my house. Ok, I understand this argument but there are other ways to fill your vases than with fake flowers. For example, at my house I have a very large arrangement of dried flowers and twigs from my wedding on the mantle. It is beautiful and it is real. You can also fill your vases with other items, like sea shells, twigs, moss or pretty stones. The options are endless. Then, you can have real flowers on special occasions, or maybe once a month.

If you want to save money on flowers, my advice would be to buy one type of flower, not a fancy arrangement. If you buy a dozen daisies you can actually split them up and put one or two in single bud vases and then put the rest in a bunch in one bigger vase. Pre-arranged flowers tend to be kind of a rip-off. You pay $40 dollars for a bouquet that only has three large flowers and the rest are just fillers like baby's breath or mums or God forbid, carnations! If you have some design eye, check out your local grocery stores. I like to buy a dozen roses there and then buy my own fillers and put them together myself. This is a much better deal and you get more bang for your buck.

Also, have a look around your yard. Using flowers from your garden or sticks from your trees will look great. Do you have ferns? Simply clip some fern stems and put them in a vase, they look great! Hydrangea's are great cut flowers. Dried hydrangeas will look almost as good as live ones. They keep there shape and some will even keep there color.

Now let's have a look at the difference between real and fake. You tell me which ones you think look better:

I would like to add that these fake arrangements are actually pretty pricey! You could probably buy a dozen fresh flowers 7 times for the price of one fake arrangement.

Now let's take a look at fresh flower alternatives:

Fern Stems

Dried Sticks

Dried Hydrangeas look awesome!

More Fern Stems, I love the mixing of green colors
So what's you opinion on this controversial topic? Fresh or Fake?


Samantha said...

I would like to make the argument for fake flowers and why they are loved:

Yes fake flowers are easier. You don’t have to water them or make sure they get the right amount of sun, and they don’t die so you don’t have to worry about replacing them in a week.

Fake flowers are easier to self arrange because they aren’t so delicate. This allows for them to be repositioned and worked on till just right. With real flowers the worry of buds falling off and breaking stems can stop an unexperienced flower arranger from trying to make something beautiful.

Fake flowers are cheeper then buying real flowers again and again. You can buy your favorite flowers and enjoy them non-stop for one payment. You can't really do that with real flowers.

Fake flowers allow you to have blooms you may not be able to obtain in real flowers due to location or season. ( I love tulips but since they are predominantly a spring bloom, finding live tulips of quality is a difficult task year round. )

Fake flowers are safer. Many plants and flowers are poisonus to pets and small children. In a home that has either of these, fake flowers is sometimes the best choice. If a child were to ingest and in some cases just touch the flower there could be serious repercussions. Thats a big price to pay just for something that may look pretty for a week. Why not have safer fake flowers that last.

Also fake flowers allow for a flexible schedule. Say you like having flowers in your home but travel a lot. Real flowers would be dreid up and falling apart with out daily care, but the fake arragnments are still as beautiful as they were when you left.

Now I am by no means saying all fake flowers are acceptable, just merely arguing their case. Fake flowers can be done quiet nicely. However, all too often they end up faded with styrofoam showing in the vase, and no one wants that.

Jessica @ Counterscapes said...

I fell in love with an orchid about 3 weeks ago. It was full grown with about 5 flowers on it already, so I figured it had to be a pretty resilient little thing. I bought it, and placed it lovingly in my bedroom. I gave it water, and put it by the window everyday. Look, Ma! I can be responsible, and nurturing, and keep something alive, too! :)

Well, sort of. I went out of town over the weekend, and (being fiscally reasonable and environmentally conscious) I turned my A/C off. I was mortified when I came home and my apartment was 93 degrees. Needless to say, my orchid has been in intensive care the last few days, and I am really hoping it makes it.

Maybe I should stick to fake flowers?

Muneca said...

I would like to buy some of them.

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