Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fresh Squeeze: Creative Kids Glass

"Skyline Designs created this cool new product geared towards kids, called Kids Glass. The applications for this new product includes feature walls, signage, furniture, wall partitions, environmental graphics, and marker boards." - Skydesign.com

Winner of the Best of Neocon Gold 2010!

"Kids Glass features
11 patterns with fun and engaging graphics for children and adults. The innovative collection combines color and imagination to address the need for positive distraction within children’s healthcare, education, library, corporate day care and museum environments." - Skydesign.com
I would have loved playing on this wall when I was in daycare or in the lobby waiting to visit the doctor when I was a child... Who am I kidding?? I wish this was in our office so I could play on it now!

"The whimsical Kids Glass collection encourages interactivity and creative play by providing an opaque drawing surface or translucent looking-glass surface on tempered safety glass. Try on different hair styles by peeking though artwork on eco-etch® translucent glass panels; complete a maze, connect the dots, or draw a picture with markers on the front of Skyline’s back-painted Vitracolor® glass wall cladding." - Skydesign.com

That poor kid is thinking, "Man, this maze is hard!"

"The easy-to-clean, durable glass surface provides a unique design solution for children's creative environments." - Skydesign.com
I think this particular panel design would be so cool used at the Zoo, in one of those hands-on type of rooms.

Which design is your favorite? Where would you use it?

-Hannah :)


Jessica @ Counterscapes said...

This is awesome! I personally love the dots; there is so much potential there! You can play that "line game" where you try to make the most squares, or make block letters, or practice drawing geometric shapes! Fun, fun. I could definitely see the lined-paper pattern being used in a first-grade classroom as a way to engage students. Maybe as a reward, you can write on the glass. It could double as the teacher's black board! Very exciting! Hope you get to incorporate it into a design soon!

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