Monday, July 12, 2010

Tour De Studio B

It's a very special occasion today. Today we invite you in to see what we think is the best looking studio in town. What studio is that you may ask? Studio B of course! Enjoy!

Original Art by Mark Anderson
Kimball HUM Office Workstation, my desk so clean!
Herman Miller Celle Chairs
We recently converted our 100 Calorie packs to Annie's Organic Snacks!

Gerry the Goldfish, the only pet we can keep alive.
Awesome Corian countertop designed by Studio B and fabricated by Counterscapes
Look closely and you will see our conference table.
Brandy's office

A great way to display neutrals, makes it easy to hold up fabrics and finishes to see colors. We even wrote the Sherwin Williams paint color names on the wall.
Concept boards atop old faithful, our old flat file. Anyone is welcome to buy us a new one, until then we are just going for a rustic look.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed my little tour. I definitely think we have the coolest work environment. What do you think? Send us a picture of your office. I just might give you some tips to make it better!


Claire Patrick said...

There are so many things I looooove about this space! First of all, your workspaces are excellent. Love the fabric treatment on the walls, and the cool swirly desk divider things!

My second love is those black ikea cabinets in the break room. We had identical cabinets and sold them recently, but it makes me wish I still had them so I could add a cool decal like y'all did!

And I really really really really love the "neutrals" wall. Gorgeous - and what a great representation for clients to see! Gorg! Jealous!

Studio B Designs said...

Thanks Claire! We think our office is pretty awesome too :). Actually those are different wallcoverings displayed in a fun way on the wall behind our workstations. We actually designed and made them ourselves. Look forward to a DIY Friday on how to make them coming soon!

Christine said...

Love the Corian(r) countertop ;-) You shared it on our Facebook page and now it is great to see it in its home! The studio looks like a fantastic place to work, with lots of colorful but functional considerations put into its design. Christine from DuPont

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