Monday, July 26, 2010

Water Cooler Talk

Working in a small office of all women with the occasional appearance of Graham, talking transcends the cliche water cooler and becomes desk talk, fridge talk, library talk and yes, sometimes bathroom talk.

However today at approximately 4:15 PM, we all gathered round the good ole' water cooler for some very important conversation. What were talking about you might ask? Our new water cooler. Comments ranged from "ooh it's shiny" to "look at that secret compartment" and yes even the "I wish there was a place to cool a bottle of wine".

So, as our internet and phone lines have been out most of the day, (sorry if you have been trying to reach us) I leave you with a very last minute blog post to introduce you to our very own, new and shiny, black with chrome edging water cooler. (We're actually renting)

Let's Hydrate!!


Leslie Lim said...

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