Thursday, July 29, 2010

"What Were They Thinking Thursday" - Knick Knack Patty Out of Wack

We all have junk, some more than others, that we think is really cool. We try to display our junk to make it look less junky but it usually just turns out looking like junk on a shelf. There is an artful way to display your junk that will fool everyone into thinking it's priceless.

Rule #1
If you collect something, it should be displayed in a thoughtful way. Not just stacked on a shelf.

Rule #2
You don't have to display the entire collection. Pick out some of your favorite pieces and put the rest away.

This would've looked okay if they didn't have so many! Looks like a wall of weapons!
These dollys can't come out to play because they are jam packed into a very out of place Curio cabinet.
Rule #3
Keep it clean. Collections and knick knacks tend to attract a lot of dust. Make sure to keep it clean and looking it's best.

Rule #4
Use your collections as art pieces in a room, and sticking them in one of those house shaped cube shelf thingys doesn't count!

Do they all come alive at night?
The right way:

This is amazing! Taking what most people think of as junk and displaying in way that looks very intentional and becomes a piece of art.
When displaying knick knacks, try grouping them by color. Again, it looks very intentional.
Very cool groupings by color, however there is way too much stuff on these shelves and they are sagging in the middle.

A great way to bring interest to your shelves is by displaying all things white, especially if your shelves are painted a fun color like these red ones.
Remember less is more. Just a couple things on each of these shelves really allows the eye to see each thing.
Another great example of how a collection becomes an art piece. Who knew old hats could look so cool?
Remember to make small groupings of your collections to not overpower the entire room.
This is a great idea for shelves. Also, notice the jars filled with shells and starfish. Again they are all the same color and displayed in a very cool way to bring interest to the room.
The right way to display all those vintage dishes you have.
More collections as art pieces
This is fabulous and adds so much depth and texture to the wall. Very cool, but notice how the rest of the kitchen is kept simple. This wouldn't work if there was stuff everywhere.
So, what do you collect? Need ideas on how to display it. Email me with your questions!!!


Studio B Designs said...

Great title Jessica :). I have one comment, I really like the stairway with the old rug beaters. I think if it's done on just a couple walls in a space like the stairway it makes a big statement in a cool way!


Jessica @ Counterscapes said...

I have pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Some in frames, some in scrapbooks... but they are everywhere. I can't wait to get it together and finally do my picture wall! :)

I am, however, loving the random (but symmetrical) shelves with seashells. I think I should start collecting them! haha!

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