Thursday, July 8, 2010

What were they thinking Thursday? Size Does Matter!

The number one mistake people make when choosing an area rug is buying a rug that is too small for their space. When choosing a rug, consider the room’s scale. Large room’s can handle larger pattern and more color than a room is that on the smaller side.

Here are a few examples of rugs that are too small for the space!!

Remember, even a naked floor is better than a floor with a small rug, because a skimpy little rug looks cheap, sparse, and choppy. A room without a rug makes a room look unfinished.

More Examples:

A rug should anchor the room in which it lives. Never ‘free float’ an area rug - the idea is to tie the room together.


All the furniture and/or for sure the sofa should have their front legs sitting on the rug. You can have all the furniture sit on the rug especially if the rug is thick so not to create an unbalanced chair.

Here are GOOD examples of how a rug should fit within a space.

Notice how all of the furniture is slightly over the rug...

See how the rugs anchor the rooms... this is a good thing!

If you have a very large space or you want to try something just a bit crazy and fun, try layering multiple small rugs of the same color palette or the same rug itself like this:

Does size matter to you?

Have a great day, Hannah


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