Friday, July 9, 2010

DIY Friday - How To Make a Concept Board

OK, so we have all dreams for our homes and what we would like for them to look like but how many of us actually put those dreams down on paper. It can be difficult to go from visualization to conception to implementation. A great way to cross those bridges is through a concept board.

What is a concept board you may ask? It's basically just a physical representation of your ideas. Here's the how to:

First, cut out pictures from magazines of rooms that you like. It doesn't have to be what is specifically in the room, but just an overall feel of the space that you think reflects your design vision.
Second, pick out a color palette that you would like to use in the space. A great place to go is the paint store and pull paint swatches. You are just picking overall palette colors, not what you are going to actually put on the wall.

Third, lay all your pictures and samples out on the floor or on some black foam board and start making an arrangement.
Fourth, once you have everything where you want it, stick everything down to the board. You can use double sided tape or spray mount. If you have fabric samples or tile samples, you may need to use pins or 3M square mounting foam.
And lastly, enjoy looking at your concept board! You can place these in the rooms that you made them for to inspire you start making over your space. These boards will help the task not feel so overwhelming. You have a vision, you've put down on paper, now you can start to make it happen!

I challenge you to make a concept board this weekend! After you're finished, email me a picture Ok, so I'll give you a week to do it and on Friday I will post the best concept boards on our DIY Friday Blog!
(Black foam board can be found at your local craft store.)


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