Friday, August 27, 2010

DIY Friday - Ordinary to Extraordinary

We all have those everyday items around our house that are necessities. Toilet paper, Cleaner, TV Remotes, Mail, etc. They are usually laying around and out for everyone one to see. Why not make them look a little more visually pleasant.

For today's DIY I am going to show how to take things that are just ordinary and turn them into an extraordinary look for your place.

First up, the bathroom. Toilet paper, cotton balls, soap and q-tips are all things that we use. Let's take these items and use them to decorate your bathroom. Functional and pretty to look at!

Fold up your towels and store them in baskets, or roll them up and put them on the shelf.

Extra toilet paper can be stored in a basket or a glass jar.

Try putting your cotton balls and qtips in a glass apothecary jar or some antique silver vases to decorate a shelf or your counter.

Second is all that junk that ends up on the kitchen counter. Mail, keys, pens and calendars become really junky looking if it's piled around and not organized.

A great way to clean all this up and make it look good is with organization boards. You can find these at Target, Pottery Barn or you can even make your own. Mix them up with bulletin, magnetic and wipe off boards. Add some cubbies for mail and hooks for keys and your junk pile now turns into something really cute to hang on your wall.

For your coffee table, simply find a cool box to store your TV remotes in so they aren't always laying out.

If you have a craft area, trying to keep it organized can be a tough challenge. One idea is use peg board to hang all your supplies and scissors and things on. Also, you can make wrapping paper and ribbon spools from a simple dow rod. Paint the peg board and rod a fun color and now you have something super functional and super cute!
Old jars make really cute storage containers. Mount a jar upside down and punch a hole in the lid and store string inside, you can just pull out what you need and cut it off, no tangles to worry about.

These magnetic spice containers make a great place to store beads and buttons. You can find these at Ikea.
For your laundry room, take from boring to brilliant with colored storage baskets for cleaner and supplies.

Putting your laundry soap in a glass jar might be going a little too far but it sure looks pretty!
A glass jar hold clothes pins. Organized and very cute!

Well I hope this post helps you to start thinking outside the box this weekend and making all that stuff lying around your house into something that actually adds to the appearance of your home! Do you have any ideas on how to turn all that ordinary stuff into extraordinary decorations?
Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday to me!


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