Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coastal Comfort

School has started back which means for all of us who don't have kids, it's time to start planning a vacation. I have been dying to go to the beach so today we are going to take a little virtual vacation. No sunscreen needed, just a glass of iced tea, sit back and enjoy the view!

First let's take a look at the scenery

Some of the main ingredients to a a coastal decor are relaxing, fresh and airy, just like the beach!

For a coastal style room, it's great to use some beachy items as decoration. For example, coral, oars or sea shells. Just don't go "overboard". A few intentionally placed items will add to the room's appearance and not make it look to themey.

White white and more white. For a beach house, the main focus is the view. A white interior will help make that view stand out and be the focal point of a room.

Here is a more modern take on beach decor. Still very relaxing.

So if you aren't able to take a vacation right now I hope this helped let your mind escape for a few minutes!


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