Monday, August 2, 2010

Things That Inspire

Today I want to post about things that make me happy. Things that inspire me. Things that make go "wow" inside and smile. Hopefully you can draw some inspiration from them as well....

I probably feel the most inspired and in awe by nature. I grew up traveling to Moab, Utah with my family and have been to Delicate Arch several times. Pictures truly cannot do justice to the landscape, colors, and sheer magnitude of these amazing forms.
Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

I am always inspired by anything Anthropologie. From their stores, to their window displays, to their clothes and home decor, I love it all.

These pictures are from "White Rim Trail". It is an all day, 12 hour trail near Arches National Park, Utah. It is named because of the white rim edges of the cliffs that you follow along the trail. If you ever feel the need to get away from "city life", I highly recommend packing up your bags, getting in a jeep, and following this trail to the middle of nowhere where as far as you can see in every direction is dirt and rock and land and a big, open, beautiful sky. It's indescribable.
White Rim trail and sunset

The white rim layer of the rock winding through the landscape.

I also discovered recently that I have a strange infatuation with dishtowels. They can be so bright and fun and cute.

I fell in love with the colors and hues of the buildings and waters of Venice. I would love to create a room around these dreamy colors.

Venice, Italy

Again the use of color on the exterior of buildings is a theme throughout Europe. This picture is from Prague, Czech Republic.

I love the color yellow, something about it is happy and vibrant. I love it in accents like this pillow.

I am loving the song "Free" right now by Zach Brown Band. Hearing this song on the radio doesn't even compare to hearing them live, they are truly amazing musicians.

I have a true obsession in life, and it is with scarves. I'm not sure what it is but I own more than I can count, and still every time I walk into a store I am drawn to them & want to buy more! I have had to have a scarf intervention for myself. Something about a flowy scarf, a white T, good jeans, and some knee-high boots makes me very happy.

A scarf & big sunglasses, I'm in love :).

I think there is nothing more romantic or beautiful than a West Texas sunset. If you have not experienced the whole sky and horizon turning a pinkish-orange dreamy color than you are missing out my friend.

What inspires you?? -Cassie


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