Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Canopy of Color

Putting color on a ceiling can be very scary. But with no risk there is no reward. You just need to make sure you follow some simple rules.

The first rule is that you must have ceilings that are high. A house with 8' ceilings is not going to look good with a color unless it is really light. Too dark and the ceiling will seem lower.

Second rule, you have to commit to it. If you are going to paint your ceiling, the rest of your room better be in top notch shape. Everything needs to be planned and intentional. If your room looks bad to begin with, throwing color on the ceiling is just going to make it look worse.

And third, TEST first! Paint a small patch above the crown before you paint the whole ceiling. Live with it for a couple days and then decide.

Notice that in most of these pictures, the walls are left white or very neutral.

And if the walls are painted a color too, keep the furniture neutral.

Here are some really fun designs! If you want something like this, it's probably best to hire an artist. If not done right, these could look really bad.

If you are more cautious about color on the ceiling, you can just try a neutral other than the typical ceiling white.

Are you brave enough to put color on the ceiling?


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