Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walkin' On Sunshine

So you just moved in to a house and you hate the floors. You don't have enough money to put in the floors of your dreams right now ... so ... why not paint them. This works with wood floors, linoleum, and laminate. You just need to make sure your prime it according to what material you have. You need to get the paint to stick to it some how and you definitely need to put a poly-urethane coat on top for wear and tear.

If you are really brave you can even put in a pattern or design.

I love this super high gloss in the kitchen.

If you decide to attempt something like painted floors, just remember that they do require maintenance. The paint will eventually come off so if you want a really solid modern look, you are going to have to keep a poly-urethane top coat on it and you might have to re-paint ever so often. Personally, I love the rustic look of the worn painted floors so if you are like me, maintenance will be a little easier!



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