Thursday, September 16, 2010

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Keep Your Gum To Yourself

For some reason, people find it difficult to respect furniture and public property. Why is that every time you go into a public restroom there is writing all over the stalls. Or, you're at the library or a restaurant and there is gum under the table.

Being in the Interior Design business, we are constantly specifying and ordering furniture for clients. This furniture is not cheap. Commercial furniture is made to last but it doesn't come with a mechanical arm that slaps you when you try to stick gum on the under side. (Great idea though)

Common curtsey has been lost and people just don't care about other people anymore. How would you like it if I came over to your house and wrote all over your walls and stuck gum under your dining room table. This picture sums up the sentiment perfectly:
Defacing other's property is not the only problem. Abuse is one as well. Chairs are made for sitting in, not for jumping or trying to do that cool walk over the back as the chair falls down thing. Paint is meant to be on the wall. Don't pick at it! Don't wipe your greasy hands on the walls. Don't kick things that aren't yours. These are all things you should've learned in kindergarten.

I think a certain elf named Buddy would like this wall.

There are some instances where graffiti is acceptable. Some restaurants encourage their customers to write on their tables.
A mom covered her furniture in white and invited her kids to decorate them!
Cool graffiti table

So, next time you think about signing your name on that table that you always eat lunch at because yes, everyone does care if you were here, just remember that someone had to pay for that table and if it's public property, it was probably you.


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