Monday, November 1, 2010

About Miranda

Hello, well I'm Miranda Pond Sadler. I was born in Tyler, Texas, but raised about 30 minutes down the road in rural America, what I like to call Concord! Concord is a small community and has been a great place to grow up, and I'm still there (never really left) and now raising my daughter there. My Mom stayed home with my brother and I, and my Dad is a rancher. I grew up riding in the tractor bailing hay, riding horses, riding in the pasture checking on the cattle, and occasionally bottle feeding our dairy calves with my Dad. I love the country, love the cities too, but wouldn't have my home anywhere but in the country

I married my husband, Seth when I was 20. My daughter Madelyn Julianne is almost 6! Wow, I feel old now, they grow up so fast. God has blessed us so very much! Madelyn is the love of our lives! She truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2008, my degree is in Interior Merchandising. I have always (since I was about 10 years old) wanted to be involved with interior design. I started interning for Studio B in 2008, and then it turned into a job, thanks Brandy! I love my job, design and the girls I work with. I have so much fun here and have made great friendships.

All-time Favorites:

Movies: Gone With the Wind (gotta love it!), The Notebook, Christmas Story (my brother and I grew up watching it EVERY Christmas eve), Summer Magic (Disney)

Music: (like just about all genres) Christian, Texas Country, George Strait, Led Zepplin, Hootie and the Blowfish

Subject in School: History

Snack Food: Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

Season: Fall. I love the weather, football games, hayrides, and the colors.

Vacation spots in the States: Rosemary Beach, Florida and Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri.

Useless tidbits of information about me:

I have met 'NSYNC, ha! I know, I know... I was like 14.

I have 1 brother, 6 brother-in-laws, and only 2 sister-in-laws. ( My husband is 1 of 7 brothers.)

Would love to go to Greece!

I'm the "germ-a-phobe" at the office. I have a can of Lysol handy at all times! You just never know...

I love to shop anywhere and for anything! Especially shopping for my daughter. Girls' clothes are so adorable!

My husband and I own 30 head of cattle and 10 quarter horses.


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