Thursday, October 28, 2010

"What Were They Thinking Thursday!!??" - Tricky, Tacky and no Treat

It's that time of year where people like to adorn their yards and porches with some of the tackiest holiday decor out there. It's Halloween. A little pumpkin here and spider there are great but nobody wants to see a mummy overload as they drive past your house.

Because 10 wooden pumpkin cutouts was not enough.

Very junky

Save this kind of stuff for haunted houses where people actually pay to see this junk, not in your front yard for every passerby.

Again, I just think this is inappropriate for everyone to see.

I'm confused, why is there a giant pumpkin on the roof. Is it going to go down the chimney?

I think this house was probably junky without the halloween decor but it just makes it even worse.

Finally a use for your wedding dress. Who said you'd never use it again?

Dirty drapes!

I do not understand the inflatable craze. These are tacky people!

Let's just put all of our old junk in the front yard for couple weeks. I think that's a great idea.

Cassie's neighbor has one of these and it looks into her bedroom window with glowing eyes at night. Any kids need to make a quick buck?

I saved the worst for last. This is a beautiful house and all you can see is all the tacky junk they have in every available space. Less is more people!

Now let's take a look at some really chic Halloween decor:

I'm not suggesting you paint your front door orange for the month of October but adorning your porch with some festive pillows and planters is a great idea!

I love these little pumpkins that spell out trick or treat. You could even do this with your last name or any other greeting for those approaching your front door.

One giant spider looks great, 10 looks tacky.

This is my favorite. What a great idea to use these bats for a swarm around your front door. Very artsy and just enough decor to be tasteful.

Great ideas for pumpkins.

A cute DIY Halloween wreath.

Love this idea of using white pumpkins. A more modern look to showcase black silhouettes.

Now I know it's a little too late to take down some of those Halloween decor items that are on the tacky side but keep this post in mind next time you decorate. Remember to be tasteful especially on the outside of your house where people pass by. You might think it is cool and really scary but all those mothers out there that always have to distract there toddlers when they drive by your house do not. Be considerate.



Mick Garrett said...

Some of the "elegant" décor is just as over done as the yard macabre. My favorites are the two bats and pumpkin décor examples; the little witch is adorable among the bats & trees, I love the artistic simplicity of the bats on the turquoise door, too.

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