Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 HGTV Dream Home Critique

Studio B Designs critiques the 2011 HGTV Dream home.


Brandy: The exterior of the house seems in good proportions and the materials and style fit the environment around it. The hot tub leaves something to be desired. It should have been built-in with flagstone and integrated into the landscape. There should be some sort of natural screening to block the view from the road.
Jessica: I love the front of the house and those stairs are awesome but that hot tub that looks like some dropped in as an afterthought is blah.
Hannah: I really don't like the fact that there is a highway that runs just a few yards away from the patio. True, it makes easy access to the slopes, but hope they don't get caught skinny dipping! The hot tub just looks sloppy.
Miranda: I agree! The highway is not a good thing, no privacy. Looks like they ordered the wrong size of hot tub, or like Jessica said an afterthought?!

Brandy: I like the entry architecturally however I agree with the comments below on the furnishings.
Jessica: I like the wood ceiling but the accessories could be a lot better. I'm over the bucket of sticks.
Hannah: I love the wood ceiling design! I agree with Jessica, the small (too small) table in front of the railing serves no purpose. I think it would look better if there was nothing there and you would have a clear view down below.
Miranda: Do not like it, except for the wood floor and drum shade.


Brandy: I like this room, the furnishings and color palette are great! Barn door is awesome! The tree columns are under scaled but they are a nice detail.
Jessica: Love love love that barn door!
Hannah: I absolutely love everything about this room. Great colors! The room is very cozy and the furniture looks comfy. I would like to see a grand fireplace. When I think of living in the mountains, snow on the ground and slopes in the back yard, I also think of snuggling up by the fire with my favorite book.
Miranda: Love- the large barn door on the track, rustic wood ceiling and beams, and the color scheme. Hate- the rug and cocktail table.


Brandy: I love the kitchen. I love that it is modern. I am concerned that there isn't enough room for two to work between the island and the back kitchen. Seems too narrow but it's hard to tell.
Jessica: Great appliances. I love to cook and would love to have that Wolf and that awesome fridge. Always wanted a glass door fridge but this one allows for some of the fridge to be messy without it all showing.
Hannah: I like it. I love the technology that they integrated into the cabinets with the computer and keyboard. Very clean and simple design.
Miranda: I'm not too crazy about this kitchen in this house. I like the clean design, just not sure about it in this house.


Jessica: Dinner or a board meeting, hard to say.
Hannah: Love the light fixtures over the board room table, oh, I mean dining table. The chairs have got to go! The chairs are too modern and do not go with the style of the home. The rug is kinda boring too, but who's looking down when you have that amazing view!
Miranda: Ok, hmmm not liking the chairs. I agree with Hannah, the rug is boring. Great view, love the transoms above the windows.
Brandy: Ditto

Gathering Room:

Brandy: I like the tall ceilings and large spans of glass. The fireplace is too under stated for the space and what you expect in the mountains. The furniture groupings are nice. The color palette isn't as great as the living room. It needs some more modern patterns. I love the annex and the sculpture. I don't like the leather chairs in the annex.
Jessica: Great furniture layout. I love having multiple seating groups.
Hannah: I really like the Annex room with floor to ceiling windows. The fire place is too dinky for my taste. I know the look they were trying to go for, but in a "Mountain Lodge" I expect to see a fireplace that could actually warm the space up.
Miranda: Well.... the view outside is great!

Guest Bedroom:

Jessica: Too cramped. I guess you don't want guests to stay long enough to put their clothes in the drawers because they won't even be able to open them.
Hannah: Love the design and the warmth that this room portrays, but too cramped. You can't even get to the dresser because of the ottoman. But as a guest, I could definitely see myself enjoying my stay in this room.
Miranda: Love the color scheme! Very calm. I think some pieces of furniture needs to be eliminated.
Brandy: Yes, they could lose a chair and the bench. You do need room for luggage. I love this room though. It feels like a hotel. I like the modern furniture.

Master Bedroom:

Brandy: I hate this room. I don't like the red, Miranda is right, it needs a softer color. I wish it was more modern like the guest room. I hate the drape to the bath room. A door would be nice. I much prefer the guest room!
Jessica: Beautiful bedroom, but queen size bed? Also, hate the drapes to the bathroom. Would much rather see a sliding frosted glass door. Still lets light in but is easier to open and close for privacy than drapery panels.
Hannah: This room at least looks a little more spacious than the guest room, not as cluttered. I like the red wall with the contrast of the light wood framing and beams. I know they were trying to save the window view from the bathroom but I would prefer there be a door of some sort.
Miranda: I don't like the red wall, I think the wall should be a softer color.

Master Bath:

Jessica: Love all the finishes but where is the storage? Just when I thought there was at least one drawer for all your junk, nope, it turns out to be a fancy warming bin for lotion. I love warm lotion on my hands as much as the next person but where am I going to put my toothpaste???
Hannah: I'm all about the thought of taking a hot bubble bath and looking out the window to a sea of mountains. But lets be practical. The ground looks level with the house and the windows are extremely low. There is no privacy. There also seems to be NO storage. In the floor plan the master closets look very small too. These poor people aren't going to have any storage for their stuff.
Miranda: Love the finishes! I agree as well ....where is the storage?
Brandy: Storage is horrible, hate the old fashioned tub. It should be high tech with light therapy and massage bubbles. The location of the Master closet near the bed is terrible. It should be near the bathroom or in the bathroom. I still want live in the guest bedroom.
Brandy: Love it!!!
Jessica: I love the bunk numbers on the wall!
Hannah: I really like the pillows! The twigs kinda bug me. In my opinion they look dinky.
Miranda: Love the bunks!

Dorm Bath:

Brandy: Love it!!!
Jessica: Awesome bathroom, only critique would be if you have people older than school age staying, they probably don't want to shower locker room style. Great bathroom for kids.
Hannah: Love! I really like all of the finishes, color selections and plumbing fixtures.
Miranda: Good design. I'm not liking the tile.


Brandy: Way too narrow. You may not be able to open the washer because the door is in the way.
Jessica: If you turn sideways and hold the laundry basket in front of you, you just might be able to get down to that last washer.
Hannah: I like the blue cabinets, but this room is just too tiny. If there is a need for 4 washers and dryers then there is going to be a lot of clothes and a need for storage. Also, how do you expect to open the bottom dryer with the bench in the way. Great look but not very functional.
Miranda: Love the colors! But, too NARROW!

Mud Room:

Jessica: Love love love! Great for a ski cabin!
Hannah: No complaints. Good finish choices. I love the slate floor. Everything looks easy to clean which is a bonus in a "Mud Room".
Miranda: My favorite! They finally got something right! :)
Brandy: ditto

Brandy: This is one of the best rooms in the house.
Jessica: Very cool garage.
Hannah: I'd imagine this is any mans dream room. The new car is a nice bonus!
Miranda: Very nice! Great Garage! Love the chandeliers! Wow!


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has anybody noticed that there is no half-bath for the guests who just come to dinner? They have to either go downstairs or use the Master Bath?

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