Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Get Knocked Down...

OK, funny story for you. So, this morning I was at a client's house meeting over some plans for their house. We were in the dining room discussing the art over the buffet. I stepped back to turn around but just my luck, the client's german shepherd was lying on the ground directly behind me. Yes, I did trip over the dog and fall flat on my butt in front of the client.

To make matters worse, this beloved family dog is on it's last leg and could keel over any second. For a split second all I could think is please don't let me kill their dog, please don't let me kill their dog!

The dog, slowly got up and stumbled away only to look back over its shoulder and scowl at me. The dog was fine and since I have been packing a little extra in the trunk since Christmas, the only thing hurt was my pride, which can stand to get knocked down a few times now and then.



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