Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can I go back to bed, please?

It's a very dreary day today and my car broke down on the way to work this morning and Eric is still out of town. All I want to do is go home and curl back up in bed and wait for the sun to come back out.

So, if I can't be home in my bed, I will spend time dreaming of all these beautiful beds that I am about to share with you. Bedding is one of those decor items that can be switched out easily depending on the season or just how you feel. And the way I have been feeling lately, I think it's time for me to add some bright fresh colors to the bed. Maybe it will make Spring come faster!

I hope you enjoy these inspiring bed ensembles.

Very elegant hotel like bedding

A very cheery bed. I love the color and the pattern mixing.

Simple yet perfect. I have been seeing a lot of orange and grey lately and am loving it!

This is my favorite for a little girl's room. I love the blue mixed with the bright poppy red.

A very simple design

Take a look at this excellent display of patter mixing. There is a small stripe, a medium pattern on the duvet and then that beautiful large floral on the pillows. When mixing patterns, be sure to have different scales.

This is a really unique color mix. I would never think to mix lilac with that green and then a buttery yellow but it looks wonderful.

I really like the stripes! And the whole room is just gorgeous!

When dressing your bed, sometimes you want a lot of pillows;

Or sometimes less is more.

This is definitely my style of bed! I love all the crazy patters mixed together.

Awesome color mixing

Now I wanted to show you some awesome bedding that you can actually go buy! These are some great beds and every one is so different, there is something for everyone!

Dwell Studio

Ann Gish

Serena & Lilly

Bliss Linens

Peacock Alley


French Laundry

Kelly Wearstler for Sferra

So do you feel like giving your bed a fresh new look? Happy shopping!



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